Nerds On Site believes in full transparency, and we’ve setup a TRUST site, which will give you our up-time and availability statistics for all our shared hosting services.

Domain Names

With over 150 domain extensions, our team can fulfill all your domain requirements. Nerds On Site also includes an advanced domain portfolio management tool for all your domains.
All websites start with a domain name, and most domain names are included for free as part of your Nerds On Site hosting package. Domain extensions such as .com, .ca, .net, .us, .biz and .org are included for free as part of your hosting account, and it is with domain names that Nerds On Site stands apart from all our competition. The traditional hosting provider allows you to point a domain name registered with another company at their hosting services, but Nerds On Site does this a bit differently.

At Nerds On Site we believe that you want a seamless, reliable experience, and if you register a domain with company A and point it to company B for your actual web hosting, who will you blame when something goes wrong? Nerds On Site only offers hosting services to those clients that also have their domain name with us, which provides you as the client a single point of contact for when something goes wrong. Accordingly, if you register a domain name with our team, you will only be able to park it or host it with Nerds On Site.

This arrangement may seems strange and restrictive at first glance to those well versed in the hosting industry, but it forms the base for many of the fantastic features that we are then allowed to offer to our clients. By having the domain name and website with the same company, you get unrivaled integration and support across your entire hosting package! Most hosting providers do not want to deal with your domain name because there is virtually no markup in domain names, so we made them free as part of your hosting package! Each hosting package gets one free domain name.

Domain Auto-Renewal

With Nerds On Site, all our clients domains are automatically renewed. There is no charge for this service, and nor do you have to turn it on! Move your domains to us and gain peace of mind! Read more about why this is critical for your new domain name and hosting accounts.

Domain Protection

Nerds On Site automatically locks all our clients domains to prevent unauthorized transfers away from our system. We offer this protection free of charge to all our clients, and you don’t have to request it – it’s turned on by default! Read more about why this is critical for your new domain name and hosting accounts.

WHOIS Privacy

WHOIS Privacy protects your personal data in the WHOIS database to ensure that spammers, identity thieves and domain thieves do not have direct and easy access to your information. Nerds On Site includes WHOIS Privacy with every single domain registration in our system. This service typically costs as much as your domain registration with other services, with a certain leading registrar charging an additional $9.99/year for the service. With Nerds On Site it’s free and included! Read more about why this is critical for your new domain name and hosting accounts.

Portfolio Managementy

In today’s world, digital real estate is increasingly beginning to look like physical real estate management, with domain names and other digital properties becoming quite valuable. Nerds On Site offers a complete domain portfolio management packages as part of every hosting account, allowing you to manage an unlimited number of domains in our system from an easy to use management console. Read more about why this is critical for your new domain name and hosting accounts.

When choosing a new hosting company for your corporate website, knowing your needs is crucial. So say all the blogs that attempt to help you find the perfect web host. But, what if you don’t know your hosting needs precisely? What happens if you don’t KNOW what your hosting needs will be next month, next quarter, next year? What happens if your business explodes? Will you have time to understand your new needs, and find a new hosting provider to meet those needs? What happens if you just don’t understand hosting, and just want to get back to running your own business?

Nerds On Site has a solution: Unlimited Hosting. Unlimited hosting is much simpler than it seems – in fact, it simply means that you no longer have to worry about overage charges, upgrading plans, or switching providers because you outgrew your current provider. Unlimited Hosting means you’re with a company that is ready for your growth spurt, that understands that getting listed on Digg shouldn’t mean your site goes down for the rest of the month, that wants to help you grow your website traffic but doesn’t want to charge you more when you are successful.

In addition to taking the mystery out of bandwidth and storage usages, Nerds On Site’s hosting takes security seriously and offers free SSL certificates with every hosting account on our system. You can read much more on the subject of SSL on our systems here:

Business Hosting

Nerds On Site offers a twist on the traditional shared hosting solution. Our team offers just one package, designed to meet all your needs and be on the leading edge of technology in terms of security and reliability.




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